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The blasting material HA/TCP left no measurable traces on the implant.

“The only one-piece implant with no organic contaminants or inorganic residues.”

“Quality assessment of dental implants by SEM and EDX analysis. A comparison of five one-piece implants” Dr. Dirk U. Duddeck, CleanImplant Foundation. ZWP 3/2016, p. 12-18Read more

Clean implant

Trate’s cleanroom maintain air through the use of HEPA filters employing laminar air flow with a limited amount of particles per m³. Together with special washing process in ultra pure water, we can perform all necessary steps to keep surface of products clean.

ROOTT Implants are uniquely packaged to avoid contact with the implant surface to retain the integrity of the clean surface.
ROOTT R – Two piece implants has a 10.3° conical connection
No more Micro-gap
No more Micro-movement
Same Connection

Flat connections have proven to create a micro gap under chewing between implant and abutment. This constant opening and closing acts like a pump that sucks in all kinds of bacteria this can lead to peri-implantitis and potentially implant failure.

No More Screw Loosening
No More Screw Breaking

 In a tight conical connection (10.3°) because of its U-shaped design most of the forces are diverted directly down unto the implant and not put on the fixing screw. ROOTT IFU recommended guidelines for Abutment screw is 15N-20N.

Cold Weld
ROOTT R – Two piece implants has a 10.3° conical connection benefiting from Cold WeldROOTT R guidelines for Abutment screw is just 15N-20N

Cold welding is where clean metal surfaces are pressed together under sufficient pressure their atomic structures can bond creating a solid joint. Key points: 

  • No heat: Cold welding occurs at room temperature
  • Clean Surfaces: Surfaces must be clean and free from contaminants
  • Pressure: Bond the metals surfaces

Applications of Cold Weld: Where precise and clean joints are are needed without heat induced stresses or distortions. Cold welding is used in Aerospace and micro electronics.

Cold Weld vs Tight Connection

What is the difference between a Cold Weld and Tight Connection? A tight connection relies upon mechanical means such as screws or bolts. Tight connection key points:
  • Mechanical Jointing: Tight connections rely on mechanical means rather than atomic bonding
  • Secure fit: The goal is to create a secure and stable joint that can withstand intended forces and stresses.

Applications of Tight Connection: Tight Connections can be found everywhere around us in engineering and everyday objects from furniture assembly to mechanical systems

Cold Weld

 It’s custom-made based on the patient’s dental anatomy and treatment plan, starting with a Cone-Beam CT scan and digital mouth scans. These are used for virtual planning, where specialized software helps professionals design the optimal implant placement considering factors like bone width, density, and aesthetics.

The guide is then fabricated using CAD/CAM technology, more specifically, 3D printing, ensuring high precision. During surgery, the guide is placed over the patient’s teeth, gingiva, or bone, guiding drills and implants to pre-planned positions with great accuracy. This customization and precision minimize errors and complications, leading to better outcomes. Surgical guides streamline the process, saving time and improving predictability while enhancing the success rate of the procedure.

Advanced technologies, such as the open surgical guide, offer further advancements. Our open guide design not only provides an open view and accessibility of the operation area but also has full access to the irrigation process, making it more efficient.

Furthermore, it makes the anesthesia process accessible while the guide is in the mouth, contributing to a smoother and more comfortable surgical experience. Surgical guides can enable flap or flap-less surgery, reducing post-operative discomfort, swelling and promoting faster healing time, thereby optimizing the overall patient experience.

ROOTT Created by Dentists for Dentists

  • Range of two-piece and tissue level implants
  • Simplified implant range with multiple applications
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • ROOTT R suitable for single and multiple restorations
  • Compatible with multiple crown arrangements
  • Immediate loading solutions possible
  • Machined by high quality Swiss-style lathes

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