ROOTT attracts leading dental professionals in their respective fields bringing dental excellence to their work and helping other dental professional to grow. All of these professionals continue to run Practices keeping their skills ‘grounded’ and respectful of the challenges for Practitioners. These individuals help to drive innovative practical product development and appreciate that it is not just about the implant design, the ease of application is equally as important. 

Dr Diederich

Dr Henri Diederich is a leading authority in Pterygoid implantology specializing in the atrophied bone.  His contribution to Implantology is globally recognised by his peers


Dr Diederich has placed over 17000 implants, he continues helping patients overcome their dental challenges at his private practice. Regularly working on patients assists Dr Diederich to develop and continue to share ‘good practice’ with the dental community.

From Practitioner to Trainer to global speaker, Dr Diederich brings a wealth of knowledge and experience having delivered powerful keynote speeches and seminars across the globe.

Why do you use ROOTT Implants? 

ROOTT Implants cover all anatomical situations.  The 2 piece implants with one platform for all sizes and diameters is wonderful for Practitioners as it minimizes  the number of accessories”.

ROOTT Implants offer a clean implant with no contamination or impurities which was one of the most important factors that I appreciate in order to protect our patients”

Dr El Moheb

Dr. Mohamad El-Moheb is a Dental surgeon & Private Practice Principal. He has more than 17 years of experience in dentistry, with specific interests in the fields of Implantology, Periodontology, and Oral Surgery


Dr El-Moheb is the President of the International Group for Oral Rehabilitation (IGOR).

Since 2010, he has been a researcher and developer of Mineralised Plasmatic Matrix (MPM) which is a pioneering technique in Implantology Biomaterial science.

Why do you use ROOTT Implants? 

ROOTT Implants cover provides excellent primary stability, and it impressive in all kinds of bone condition.

ROOTT Implants has an amazing conical connection between the Implant and the Abutment. The connection makes me feel confident, in respect of the unscrewing problem.

Dr Danius Karapvicius

Dr Dainius Karapvicius has been working in prosthodontics and implantology unit of the maxilla-facial department in the Lithuanian university, privately specialising in periodontics and implantology.


In the last 13years, Dr Karapvicius has focused on minimal invasive implantology and solutions avoiding the need for bone grafting, leading to write a number of publications on this subject matter.

Dr Karapvicius has been working with ROOTT Pyterygoid implants for over 8 years and in his experienced opinion these implants are a game changer.

Why do you use ROOTT Implants? 

ROOTT Implants offers a wide selection of different screw type implants (classical, monoblocks, pterygoid) allows us to find the right solution in various clinical situations and lets Practitioners avoid complicated surgical procedures related to bone augmentation.

ROOTT Implants  are made from strong Ti alloy ( Ti Grade 23 Eli ), so even thin implants are strong enough to resist big chewing forces.