Workshop Dental Implant Training

ROOTT UK has partnered with Dr Henri Diederich whom is both a daily Practitioner and global speaker, his training is focused on practical application that is not often delivered in a classroom environment. Training with a Practitioner who has placed almost 17,000 implants is an opportunity to unlock the secrets of ROOTT implantology to elevate your practice to the next level. 


Pterygoid training

Pterygoid Implant Training by Dr Henri Diederich

This is our most popular training amongst Practitioners across the globe. 
Dr Henri Diederich shares his wealth of experience and knowledge accumulated over decades  in this workshop.
Master the Ptyerygoid with the  Pterygoid master Dr Diederich and it will transform your implant practice.

Remote Anchorage Solutions for Maxillary Atrophy Training by Dr Henri Diederich

Practitioners seeking remote anchorage solutions in the atrophied maxilla using one piece tissue level implants and early loading.

The BTB approach is to avoid sinus lift, avoid bone graft and avoid zygomatic implants,  apply minimal invasive protocols including pterygoid implants and transnasal implants.

The BTB protocol can be to full arch | half arch or surgical treatments where there is a limited amount of bone and seeking to avoiding sinus lift.