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Roott Single Phase System


ROOTT Implants

Implant holder


Torque Wrench

Created by Dentists for Dentists

  • Range of one-piece implants

  • A simplified implant range with multiple applications

  • Suitable for single and multiple restorations

  • Designed for different prosthetic solutions

  • High immediate load capacity

  • Machined by Swiss lathes with the highest quality


Compressive ROOTT C Implant

One-piece implant for single- and multi-piece cemented and telescopic restorations with flexible neck


  • Adjustable pillar tilt angle
  • Simple prosthetic placement and procedure
  • Optimal design for bone condensation
  • No connections
  • Immediate loading

Improved economy for your Clinic = Financial gain to you

Our dental implant system is very economical, since prosthetic attachments, screws and complicated parts are not required for its use, which saves time and money. With the potential to replace all types of biphasic implants.

Being able to offer this type of treatment to your patients will attract a greater number of clients. They will be happy to undergo a procedure that is less invasive, with a faster  recovery time.



 ROOTT created by dentists by dentists

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You will discover the 3 key concepts of why the Roott implants (ONLY available here), are designed for the general dentist or specialist who needs to place implants and rehabilitate with fixed prostheses… ensuring simplicity, time savings and much less pain and inflammation for the patient?

We will answer the question: How can you get an immediate surgical system that is easy, profitable and scalable, where you become the most referenced dentist in your area, WITHOUT having to pay for complex dental implant systems

We will show you the vital secret where

You will be able to offer a treatment (approx half the price for the patient), which will consequently reflect an increase of at least 20% in monthly profit for the dentist.

Plus, you’ll get another ‘free’ 2nd BONUS that includes:  a 25% discount on our online courses (limited time offer) — overnight, you can beat your competition, gain more patients .

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