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Our online training gives the opportunity and the time to learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own environment. Our online courses have been specifically designed to give you practical knowledge to apply in your dental practice straightaway. Practitioners across the globe have successfully completed our online training. 

Anytime, Anywhere at your own pace with world class trainer / speaker Dr Henri Diederich.


One Piece Implant Training Online by Dr Henri Diederich
The One Piece implant provides practitioners the opportunity to place implants in the narrowest of ridges. This is particularly useful when bone quality is favourable but the ridge it not.

Dr Henri Diederich shares his experience of how the One Piece implant plays a role in both simple and more complicated patient cases as a standalone or alongside other implants. It is important to recognise the rules for correct application of this useful implant.

Pterygoid Implant Online Training by Dr Henri Diederich
Our most popular training amongst Practitioners across the globe. The Pterygoid implant facilitates opportunities to avoid sinus lift and bone grafting procedures.

Dr Henri Diederich shares his wealth of experience and knowledge accumulated over decades illustrating via presentation, patient cases, step by step videos and “live” surgery.

Master the Ptyerygoid with the  Pterygoid master Dr Diederich and it will transform your implant practice.

Tissue-level Implant Online Training by Dr Henri Diederich

Tissue level implants should be in every Implant Practitioners tool box to facilitate minimally invasive surgery reducing surgery time for Practitioner and patient comfort levels.

Familiarising yourself with tissue level implants will  transform your implant practice.

Tissue Level Implants


GROW your implant practice with Tissue level Implants

LESS invasive and INCREASE opportunities for immediate loading







Advantages of Tissue Level implantology

Tissue Level Implant advantage

Tissue level implants offer the benefits of screw-retained prosthesis like traditional implants with fewer components. These implants are considered to be less invasive. Avoid bone grafting. In some cases patients may not have enough bone in traditional implant areas. Pterygoid implants can eliminate the need for bone grafting procedures which can simplify the overall treatment process.

Tissue Level implants save treatment time. How?

Placing tissue level implants can be simpler and is likely to involve less surgical trauma which can contribute to quicker healing times and reduced discomfort for the patient.

Tissue level implants often offer easier access for soft tissue management during the placement procedure. This can be advantageous for the dentist in terms of ease of handling and maintenance.

Minimise surgical complexity. Avoiding certain bone augmentation steps and utilizing alternative implant sites can contribute to a more straight forward and efficient treatment plans



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Why train with ROOTTUK?

Cortically Fixed and ROOTT UK has partnered with leading dental professor Dr  Henri Diederich (TOP100 Doctors) to share his years of experience and knowledge to widen the treatment of patients across the Globe. **Learn Online today**

**Online Course**

ROOTT One Piece Compressive C Implant 

Installation Course by Dr Henri Diederich

(6 Lessons)

 Course Details

Section 1: Reading and Illustrations

   – Introduction & Learning Objectives

   – One Piece Implant Rules

   – One Piece Implant Prosthesis

   – Practical Phase of Implant Placement

   – Case Report Illustrations (150+pages)

   – General Considerations

Section 2: Practical Placement of Implant (Video)

   – ROOTT One-Piece Implant Practical Installation

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On completion of your training you will receive a certificate with your name similar to that shown below

** Online Course **

ROOTT One Piece Compressive Implant Installation Course by Dr Henri Diederich

Date:  Online (Study in you own time) Access available for 4 weeks

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